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We create accessibility

Our mission is to create accessibility solutions for events, spaces, and works of art, to make sure that everyone – be it a person with a disability, or an abled person – can participate in culture.

What we specialize in?


Accessibility is a process, and the most important in this process is The Person. That is why since the beginning of the existence of our Foundation we have been training representatives of cultural institutions, local governments, business as well as employees and employees of non-governmental organizations.

Our advantage is a wide, diverse training offer. During workshops and lectures, we focus on experience and interaction. Our clients most often choose trainings. During them, customers come to the conclusions themselves, what and to what extent can and should be done for people with disabilities.

We offer training in:

  • organizing accessible events
  • handling and communication with people with disabilities (eyesight, hearing, movement, intellectual, autism spectrum)
  • creating audiodescription for cultural texts (artworks, films, performances)
  • new media without barriers

Accessible events

Events open to everyone are reality. Rare, but still noticeable. Available conferences, concerts, outdoor events, performances, film screenings, openings and much more. And we, among other things, stand behind it. We have been initiating, organizing and ensuring the availability of events for 11 years. Comprehensively.

Our trademark is a comprehensive approach to accessibility. We are ready to take care of the comfort of the recipient / client with disabilities in every respect.

We offer:

  • sign language translation (including online transmission)
  • induction loop
  • live audiodescription
  • headphones for simultaneous translation / audiodescription
  • accessible versions of multimedia
  • assistants
  • service / security / volunteer training
  • space audit
  • childcare / workshops for children, including those with disabilities, during events


We adhere to the principle that every product, service, space, project should be consulted with representatives and representatives of people with disabilities and experts, in accordance with the principle "Nothing about us without us".

We have 11 years of experience , dozens of projects, hundreds of products available to people with various disabilities. We know what is needed for recipients and recipients of our services, because, first of all, there are people with disabilities among us, secondly, we regularly ask and examine the needs of the persons for whom we operate.

There are no hopeless things for us in the accessibility space. We try to respond to the needs of each client: cultural institutions, local governments, business and non-governmental organizations.

Texts / Multimedia

Movies, performances, works of art, museum objects, multimedia, spots, photos. Thousands of cultural texts that we have shared over the past 11 years testify to us. However, this is just a drop in the ocean of needs. We are convinced that content and images should be accessible to people with disabilities.

We offer:

  • audiodescription for the blind
  • subtitles for the deaf
  • translations into Polish sign language
  • pre-visit guides for people with an autism spectrum

We are into the accessibility

Culture Without Barriers Foundation is created by an experienced team of experts, including people with disabilities.

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